MWC 2018: How Telefónica will create a better future with IoT

Mirian Martinez Varas    13 May, 2019

On February 26, the MWC 2018 will be launched, a new tech gathering where the most important and innovative firms in the technology industry will meet. And naturally, Telefónica will be there presenting our latest developments and projects related to Internet of Things, the new revolution with infinite possibilities. People are at the core of this revolution because our goal is to connect people with the things that matter to them.

They include numerous aspects related to the retail sector, connectivity, and especially Industry 4.0. The Telefonica Stand will be in the pavilion of the main device manufacturers in Hall 3, Stand 3K31, and there we will offer several demonstrations about what the future of technology holds. What will you find at our stand?

Transforming business

Digitization is one of the leading features in the connected world. And the IoT is an enabler of the digital transformation which is already starting to change everything, especially with regard to the fourth industrial revolution. This is transforming all sectors, and best of all, everything from institutions to companies, not to mention small businesses and other actors in the retail sector have the opportunity to adapt to this reality to remain competitive.

Improving customer experiences, increasing productivity, and achieving more flexible business models are just some of the consequences of digitization. And Telefónica is leading the change by supporting companies in this transformation. Virtual, augmented, or extended reality, connectivity and social experience are put at the service of change, as you will be able to see in the stand at the congress.

Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution is here to stay, a change that is advancing by leaps and bounds. And Telefónica is one of the main players in this evolution, as you will discover at our stand at the MCW 2018. There you will see how the assembly line of this Industry 4.0 is being transformed by combining IoT, 5G connectivity, Big Data, along with industrial robotics and a connected workforce.

Thanks to all this technology, workers will be more efficient and work will be safer, assembly lines will be increasingly productive, and industry will spend less energy, pollute, less and become more effective in transportation. Visitors will witness all of this at the forthcoming congress.

A whole connected world

None of the above, or in fact any other aspect related to IoT, would make sense without the technology that allows the entire world to be connected. Therefore, in our stand you will see how connectivity and the exponential growth in data will transform our lives beyond the imaginable.

From any place and with any device, with the highest quality and enjoying the best experience: this is how people want to be connected. As one of the world’s leading operators with the largest deployment of fiber in Europe, Telefónica continues to be one of the greatest exponents of technological innovation. Furthermore, we have already embarked upon the path of change towards 5G.

But we never lose sight of the fact that after connectivity, people still there. And this is one of the keys to social inclusion. At Telefónica, we focus on an “Internet for Everyone” by working on the ways networks are designed, implemented, operated, maintained, and marketed in order to continue expanding mobile Internet coverage, as you will see interactively during the conference.

The best IoT experts

In addition to everything we have prepared for the stand, at the MCW 2018 we will also welcome the participation of a fascinating panel of experts including Andrés Padilla, Head of New IoT solutions; Andrés Escribano, m2m Global Horizontal Products Director; and Vicente Muñoz, Chief IoT Officer at Telefónica.

Andrés Padilla will speak on Sunday the 25th at 2:40 p.m. on Scaling Global Deployment and the Invaluable Role of the Low Power Wide Area, or LPWA, in the mobile industry and the IoT. This technology is the hard core of connectivity, and Padilla will tell us about its current deployment and its future availability, as well as its future importance in communications.

On Tuesday the 27th at 2:00 p.m. , Vicente Muñoz will talk about the secrets to the massive, industrial application of the IoT and the most innovative solutions in this sector. Finally, on Wednesday the 28th at 3:00 p.m., Andrés Escribano will talk about the challenges in the implementation, growth, and evolution of the IoT ecosystem.

The week of February 26th to March 1st, all this and much more awaits visitors to the MCW, an indispensable event for everyone who wants to learn firsthand about what the future holds. A technological future, connected and more efficient. A future in which the IoT will play a fundamental role in its full expression.

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