Mum, when I grow up I want to be a hacker

AI of Things    17 May, 2017
The hacker concept is most often associated with male ‘techies’ and ‘geeks’. But why is it so difficult to find female role models in the world of technology? A passionate and lively TED talk was given by Christopher Bell, media studies scholar and father of a Star Wars-obsessed daughter, addresses this question by highlighting the alarming lack of female superheroes in the toys and products marketed to children, and how this impacts their view of the world. According to various studies, at the age of 11 many girls feel drawn towards technology, science and mathematics but they lose interest when they turn 15.

Figure 1: Telefónica launches a campaign to promote diversity for Mothers Day.

Telefónica wanted to respond to this challenge. The data units led by Chema Alonso, including Aura (Cognitive Intelligence), ElevenPaths (Cybersecurity) and LUCA (Big Data) want to address this crrent trend and decided to “hack” diversity.

We wanted to make a stand for change, to eradicate this perception and change the course of history. We knew that a strong reference point was needed to drive this change, so we decided to take a poignant day like Mother’s Day to move forward with a new culture to make things work effectively in the future for women. Within our team, we are also looking for reference points of talented women who are capable of creating technology, who are from different backgrounds, each with their own story that makes them unique.

We don’t want to stop at just these stories. We want you to be part of this process in changing history. We want to break societal norms with inspirational stories from women in the realm of technology and change the course of history. 
We plan to compile 20 of the best stories. Share this video and fill out the following form and tell us how you have became a hacker. If you have any suggestions or questions email us at or fill out the following form.

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