Movistar Living Apps, a new technological experience in the home

Óscar Mancebo    22 October, 2019

The fact that Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising and transforming the telecommunications sector is nothing new. Users, accustomed to dealing with virtual assistants and chatbots, increasingly rely on digital transformation.

Anticipating the needs that this transformation would require, a few years ago Telefónica began a digital transformation process to provide intelligence to the three platforms it already had. Building on the provided capabilities, the 4th platform (Cognitive Power) was created to reinforce Telefónica’s ability to collect, store, analyse and understand customer data in real time, and give our customers personalised experiences.

Once this fundamental aspect was guaranteed, another objective was tackled: to humanize technology. It was with this idea in mind that Aura, Telefónica’s Artificial Intelligence, was born. Our customers were the first to test it, using voice and natural language to facilitate their interaction with the Company’s services. Today, Aura is successfully implemented in eight countries with more than four million active users per month.

It’s time for companies to take a step towards AI

Following these trends and this learning experience, and as the main supplier of technology in Spanish homes, Telefónica wants to offer key partners, such as Air Europa and Atlético de Madrid the opportunity to be present in their customers’ homes through Movistar Living Apps.

This is what Chema Alonso explained within the framework of the LUCA Innovation Day held on 16 October. An event in which the importance of the digital transformation of companies in terms of offering services in the home was highlighted.

Chema Alonso, Telefónica’s Chief Data Officer: “With the transformation promoted within Telefónica regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence, we can share our knowledge with our clients, helping them to build their own Artificial Intelligence and create experiences on our other strategic pillar: the home”.

This at-home platform provides our partners with capabilities that make it possible for them to reinvent the user experience in accessing digital services at home, and do the things they need to do in a new way from the comfort of the living room. These apps, available in November, are not downloaded, but rather they are on the TV and can be accessed remotely (remote enabled) and through Movistar Home (voice enabled). Users will be able to enjoy services related to travel, sports, or online shopping.

These unique experiences have also been integrated into Movistar services to make the Company’s customer’s digital lives easier.

Far from wanting to see it as an extra channel, the technological partners who have already opted for Movistar Living Apps have dedicated their efforts to offering unique and differential experiences in order to provide greater value to their clients. Movistar Living Apps makes it possible for these partners to be integrated into the ecosystem of the home, and to leverage all the devices, services, and resources we have at home to facilitate those decisions where they occur.

The future of #ArtificialIntelligence is already here. Shall we build a new relevant experience using voice?

Find your next destination with Air Europa

One of the companies that has committed itself to this ecosystem is the Spanish tourism giant Globalia through its airline: Air Europa. In this regard, Air Europa’s value proposition consists in offering different flight options in order to inspire and facilitate travel searches for its clients. Through Aura you can enjoy the experience of choosing a destination in a totally different way.

For Jose Carlos Díaz Lacaci, Group Director of Transformation, “joining the Movistar Living Apps project is a further step towards improving the customer experience, which we consider to be key to the transformation process in which we are immersed. Specifically, we offer Air Europa’s nearly 12 million customers the possibility of booking their flights or selecting their seats by voice, in a simple manner, and without leaving their sofa at home. In addition, the application of artificial intelligence will allow us to customise the customer’s trip according to their preferences and in real time.

Live the passion of the stadium with Atlético de Madrid

Simply by saying “OK Aura, open Atlético de Madrid” the user will be able to access exclusive Atlético de Madrid content: the analysis of the most recent match according to its featured players, the key facts of the next match, the most spectacular videos of the players, and interviews with team members.

René Abril Martín, Atlético de Madrid’s Director of Technology and Digital Development: “We have a spectacular atmosphere during games in our stadium. That’s what we want to bring to every home through the Aura Artificial Intelligence. This project is part of the relationship of trust that we have with Telefónica as a global technological partner”.

These cases of Air Europa and Atlético de Madrid are just two examples of what the Movistar Living Apps will offer us. You can find more information on the Aura website if you also want to develop your own.

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