Movistar Car: transform your vehicle into a connected car

Beatriz Sanz Baños    22 January, 2019

The application of the Internet of Things in the devices of our environment has brought about an authentic revolution in our lives. Connectivity gives us an efficient digital life, both at work and in our private lives, including leisure time.

The trend of connected cars begins to become a reality and is one of the areas with the greatest potential for growth. In fact, Gartner estimates that in 2020 there will be 250 million cars connected worldwide.

It’s in this context that Movistar Car was born, the new Telefónica service that converts vehicles into connected cars.

With Movistar Car we can connect our car to a 4G or Wi-Fi network to make it as safe and smart as possible. This connectivity allows a more efficient management of our vehicle tasks from driving to maintenance or the purchase of fuel.

How does it work?

Movistar Car consists of a small device (the whole installation can be done by the driver in a simple way) and an application on the mobile to manage the services associated with the product.

After installing the device in the vehicle and downloading the application on the smartphone, the user just has to register to enjoy the following advantages:


Movistar Car provides a Wi-Fi network exclusively for the car (with 3GB available per month). This network allows you to connect up to five devices simultaneously to navigate without consuming Mobile data.

In this way, the passengers accompanying the driver can navigate on their smartphones or tablets or enjoy their series or favorite movies during the journeys, making the trip into a leisure experience for the consumer.


If the car suffers and an impact, Car Movistar automatically sends a call to a platform that initiates the assistance protocol. This includes a call to the driver to check their status and contacting the 112 emergency services if necessary.


With Movistar Car the driver is aware of all the details related to their vehicle and receives notices of possible faults, making maintenance easier. Also, it is possible to program reminders through the application like the date of the ITV or upcoming revisions.


Movistar Car gives access to the historical record of journeys made by the car and sets up alerts that inform of the movements of the vehicle and its location at all times.

In addition, thanks to the browser included in the application, the driver can go to the selected or stored destinations, following the most efficient routes depending on the state of the roads.


Movistar Car makes saving easier through agreements with third parties, exclusive offers in fuel, discounts in workshops, better conditions in insurance rates and more advantages associated with the car and its displacements.

The connected car is destined to consolidate itself as one of the most relevant spaces in people’s lives. Movistar Car is a step further, contributing to the user experience with their vehicles and to promoting road safety, having a positive impact in society as a whole.

Movistar Car can be booked already on the website of Movistar. The service is available for gasoline cars manufactured since 2004 and for diesel cars manufactured from 2005.

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