Most read content in 2021

Telefónica Tech    30 December, 2021
most readed contents 2021

The end of the year is approaching and from the Telefónica Tech blog we wanted to make a compilation of the contents that have most engaged our audience, technology by technology. Are you ready to discover them? Here we go!


We like to look back and see how we have evolved. In Blockchain technology too:

Edge Computing

This has undoubtedly been the year in which we have begun to learn more about Edge Computing. A technology that, a priori, may seem complex, but which, when explained in a simple way, has got us hooked:

IoT, Big Data and Artificial Inteligence

This information about the most famous programming language of recent times has been, without a doubt, the most read content of AIofThings:


Because we all love stories, this year we have taken a keen interest in cybersecurity through one that is well known to all:

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