Make your holidays run smoothly with IoT

Beatriz Sanz Baños    28 June, 2019

The arrival of summer holidays allows us to visit our favorite destinations, but who isn´t worried about losing their suitcase when travelling? Luckily, IoT help us to have everything under control.

The number of brands launching connected suitcasesto the market is increasing to take care of our belongings. An example of this is Travelmate, which has a GPS chip so that, in case of loss, we have its exact location in an instant through the mobile.

Thanks to IoT technology, Smart suitcases can be controlled at any time through a mobile app. With just one click we can know where they are, make them go from one place to another and close or open them without even touching them.

Nowadays, with Travelmate you will no longer have to carry your suitcase when you are tired. This is possible because this suitcase connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and follows you wherever you go, always a few centimeters away with a system of anti-collision sensors in order to avoid any obstacle, accelerometer and gyroscope to move horizontally, vertically and make 360turns.

Travelmate also has a secure TSA locking system, a long-lasting wireless battery that allows charging other devices and a LED lighting system with various colors that indicates the battery level or the direction of movement.

Other brands such asBlueSmarthave also brought to the market smart suitcases that connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth and allow them to manage their location through and app, thanks to the GPS they have incorporated. In addition, they have proximity sensors, digital padlock and a digital scale, so by using the app you can also open and close your suitcase, as well as to know beforehand if the weight falls within the limit allowed by airlines.

The fingerprint lock has also reached these devices. Pluggage,Delsey´s smart suitcase, offers a lock of this type so that your objects are secure in case of loss. We will no longer have to worry about where we keep the padlock´s key or to remember the code for opening it. It also sends us a notification to our smartphone through the app when the suitcase approaches us on the conveyor belt at the airport and informs us of the weight of it. 

Whether it is by train, plane or in the highway, with smart suitcases, trips are more comfortable. An example of the ability that connected devices have to make our lives easier. Let IoT take care of your things and enjoy your vacations without any worries.

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