Case Study: LUCA Transit and Highways England

LUCA    11 October, 2017
Helping the transport industry to become data-driven has been a key aim of LUCA since the beginning. In this post, we will take a look at the specific case study of Highways England to see how this organization is leveraging data.

Highways England is responsible for operating, maintaining and improving England’s motorways. In total, Highways England oversees over 4,300 miles of road. While this length is only 2 percent of all roads in the UK, the specific motorways under
Highways England’s jurisdiction carry one-third of all traffic by mileage and two-thirds of all heavy goods traffic. Thus, these roads form a crucial support for economic productivity of the country.

In order to ensure the continued operation of these roads, Highways England needs to gather a lot of data. Previously, this process was arduous, time-consuming and expensive. Now, LUCA has been working closely with Highways England to use mobile data to gather more accurate, faster and cheaper data. Through our cutting-edge LUCA Transit technology, Highways England has access to our anonymized data from the 4 billion network events created every day by O2 customers. This data yields valuable insights for their modeling and infrastructure planning.

Watch the video clip below to hear Dave Sweeney, our Commercial Lead for Public and Transport sectors in the UK, discuss how Big Data is helping Highways England and other organizations in the tourism and transport sectors:

Highways England was able to improve their efficiency and collect better data through using LUCA Transit. This product reduced the data collection time period from 6 months to 7 days, a massive savings in labor hours. This resulted in a saving of millions of pounds each year on data collection costs. 

LUCA Talk 7, part of our webinar series, recently took place which looked at the use of mobile data in the transport sector. A particular focus was given to the Trip Information System. The solution uses origin and destination information in order to advise Highways England on where there is the greatest need for road improvements. The key benefits of the system are as follows: fully customizable, of high quality and user-friendly. You can watch the full webinar below:


To learn more about LUCA Transit, visit our website.

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