Success Story: LUCA Transit and Highways England

AI of Things    11 December, 2019

The transport industry is very receptive to the application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence strategies, as there are clear use cases that can maximize a companies’ efficiency and improve infrastructure planning. Read in this post about the success story of Highways England to see how this company is making the most out of its data.

Highways England is responsible for the daily operation, maintenance and improvement of the English motorways. In total, Highways England supervises more than 6900 km of roads which play a crucial role in the country’s economic performance

Thanks to advanced data analytics, Highways England has improved its efficiency and is able to generate higher quality data. Time spent collecting data has been reduced from 6 months to 7 days, resulting in a significant reduction in working hours and an annual saving of millions of pounds in data collection costs.

Highways England Transport Optimisation Project

In order to ensure the operability of it’s roads, Highways England must collect a large amount of data. Previously, this process was arduous and costly in time and money. LUCA has worked closely with Highways England to obtain data more accurately, securely and affordably using mobile network insights. Thanks to our state-of-the-art LUCA Transit technology, Highways England now has access to our anonymised database, which contains over 4 billion network events generated every day by O2 customers. This data allows us to extract valuable insights for infrastructure modeling and planning.

In the video below, Dave Sweeney, LUCA’s Commercial Manager for Public Sector and Transport in the UK, explains how the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence helps Highways England and other organisations in the tourism and transport sectors:

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