LUCA reshapes tourism insights at SDWC 2017

Ana Zamora    24 February, 2017
Last Friday, the first edition of the World Conference on Smart Destinations took place in Murcia. More than 100 experts from over twenty countries discussed trends such as digital tourism, innovation challenges, digital accessibility, tourism intelligence and the sustainable management of tourism resources.
The event, organized by the UNWTO together with the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Tourism and the Region of Murcia, brought together public administrations, leading businesses, travel agents, technology players and universities from around the world to analyze the 21st century tourism model.

Our CEO, Elena Gil, was one of the speakers, together with main players of the tourism sector including companies and public bodies such as Amadeus and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.
Elena highlighted the immense importance of using data, specifically mobile data, to analyze, optimize and predict the different processes in the tourism sector. She shared how today’s traveller is increasingly digital and demanding, stating how companies and local councils need to fulfil their expectations.

LUCA Tourism dashboard
Figure 1: A screenshot from our LUCA Tourism dashboard.

Afterwards, she explained LUCA Tourism, one of our mobile data insights solutions. With this product, we are able to analyze tourist behaviour, gaining key insights on their demographic profiles allowing us to really understand what they want and expect from their trip. Elena explained some of our case studies and also illustrated the two main types of insights we can provide: the movement of people, by showing us a points of interest activity analysis in Barcelona, and the profiling of tourists, through a demo about the demography of tourists in Murcia.

If you’d like to find out more, you can watch Elena’s full presentation here, in Spanish:

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