LUCA partners with Pelephone to bring Big Data services to Israel

AI of Things    6 February, 2017
This week we are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Pelephone, powering the Israeli telco’s latest product: Smart Data. Set to invest five million shekels in the next two years, Pelephone will provide a unique opportunity to private and public sector clients to accelerate their Big Data journey leveraging the know-how we have developed in the Telefónica and LUCA team over the past 5 years. 

This new alliance is further evidence of our world class capabilities. As with our joint venture with China Unicom, we will leverage our expertise to enable Pelephone to develop Smart Steps in Israel, a country which is already well-known for its advanced position in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Partnership with Pelephone
Figure 1: Our latest partnership with Pelephone.

Ilan Segal, VP Marketing at Pelephone said: “We are committed to innovation, and as part of the development of new growth engines for the company has identified potential in Big Data, joining up with a leading company in this field – a field that is in accelerated development around the world. Our research shows that there is a huge demand in the Israeli market for data solutions, which will lead to better service for both consumers and users in Israel.”
With the world-leading expertise we have developed in Smart Steps and Smart Digits, we will be working alongside the Pelephone team to bring our unique capabilities to help them to realise their data monetization strategies – something which we have already enabled China Unicom to do over the past year as their technological partner. 
Our VP for Strategic Alliances at LUCA, Phil Douty, reflected on this new deal: “We are extremely excited to be working on this unique partnership with Pelephone. Big Data is an incredible opportunity not just commercially, but also for society, and this is a great chance for us to work together to bring such technology to Israel – which is already known globally as a hub for innovation.”
We are passionate about helping other telecommunications companies to exploit their assets by applying Big Data and Artificial Intelligence techniques and with experience in 4 continents already, we are excited to help more telco players to do the same. Want to find out more? Check out the partnerships section of our website. 

To see the full Pelephone press release, click here

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