LUCA and the UN World Data Forum: 7 ways mobile data is being used to change the world

AI of Things    9 January, 2017

It’s just 6 days now until the United Nations World Data Forum in Cape Town and today we are honoured to be featured as guest contributors on their blog, alongside a wide range of other organizations and thought leaders who are passionate about the power of Big Data for Social Good.

After the release of “A World That Counts”, in November 2014 by the UN Secretary-General’s Independent Expert and Advisory Group on Data Revolution for Sustainable Development, the Statistical Commission decided to found a UN World Data Forum on Sustainable Development Data which would allow them to bring together a wide range of data stakeholders from the world of IT, geospatial information, Data Science as well as key leaders from the public sector.

The first UN World Data Forum will be hosted by Statistics South Africa in Cape Town, South Africa next week, with the Opening Ceremony taking place on January 15 in the evening and the Forum closing on January 18.
A variety of topics will be discussed including statistical capacity and data
literacy; synergies between traditional statistics and new
data sources; innovative technologies
for data production and analysis; mobilizing resources
needed; privacy and data protection; data governance
and standards; geospatial information systems as well as data
communication and visualization tools.
Figure 1: What is the UN World Data Forum all about?
In our exclusive blog post, we discuss 7 ways in which mobile data is being used for social good giving concrete examples of how our society’s “connection obsession” can actually change the world and enable policy makers to shape their decisions in a data-driven way.

Figure 2: Our participation in the UN Data Forum.

See the full article here to find out how we believe mobile data can change the world.

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