Looking for a MDR partner? Beware, not all MDRs are the same

Nikolaos Tsouroulas    30 June, 2020
Looking for a MDR partner? Beware, not all MDRs are the same

Are you throwing more money than you can afford into your SOC but still failing to detect and respond quickly enough to incidents? Have you suffered the impact of an incident and need to quickly ramp up your security operations before the next one arrives? Are you confused with the hundreds of products and acronyms that the market is pitching to you everyday and just want a MDR partner you can trust to help you create the right solution for you?

This is what we do at Telefonica Tech Cybersecurity & Cloud company. We believe that all organizations should be able to count on modern security operations with focus on:

  1. Post-breach detection on the endpoint and network based on full visibility and behavior-based techniques
  2. Threat intelligence to better detect new threats and guide preparation and response
  3. Advanced analytics on all sources available to the organization to add an additional advanced detection layer that unifies all threat vectors
  4. Proactive hunting campaigns to make sure nothing slips through the cracks
  5. An incident response and crisis management program with all the required capabilities available for when the rainy day comes
  6. Scalability and automation to reduce costs

Everything you should know about the Managed Detection and Response market

We believe that no size fits all and that not all MDR offerings are made equal. To further help our customers understand what they should be looking for in and MDR program and partner we have worked together with Harden Stance and leading MSSP and MDR providers in a report that reviews the MDR market and highlights all the important aspects that a customer looking to improve her detection and response capabilities should consider before engaging with a provider.

What does ElevenPaths have to offer as a MDR partner?

Our main components are:

  • MDR Lab (detection and response)
    • Our expert team of threats evaluate technologies from leading manufacturers (e.g. EDR, NTA, TIP, Intelligence Feed, Advanced Analytics Platforms etc.), in order to provide consulting services based on organizations’ needs and technical requirements.
  • Managed services in technologies and platforms
    • ElevenPaths provide tailored or turn-key managed services for those technologies and platforms. Administration and investigation of EDR alerts or integration of IoCs and management of TIPs for the application of threat intelligence.
  • Intelligent SOC (iMSSP)
    • Traditional MSSP capabilities merge with the sophisticated features of MDR to enable the customer to outsource their advanced capabilities of monitoring, detection, hunting and response in an ElevenPaths i-SOC.

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