#LadyHacker 2021, IT’S HERE!

ElevenPaths    8 March, 2021
#LadyHacker 1

If you’ve never heard of #LadyHacker you’re probably wondering what this hashtag is or what it means. Don’t get it wrong, #LadyHacker is not a hashtag, it’s an initiative that we at Telefónica want to take to every place on this planet to give women and technology the visibility and importance they really deserve. Welcome to #LadyHacker 2021.

This initiative aims to become an international project that will strengthen and enhance the potential of girls and women to study and train for whatever they want, and to climb to the top of their careers.

Leaving aside current social stereotypes, we are going to present, through a series of videos, real situations about women, hackers and technological professions, to show that anyone, women or men, can work in technical professions and more with the current demand that the digital transformation is generating.

Dreams and aspirations do not understand about gender and, therefore, promoting and betting on a greater presence of the female role in working environments and STEM careers focused on technology is the objective of this initiative that we promote from Telefónica Tech.

It has been four years since Telefónica decided to support this social reality through #LadyHacker. The initiative arose as a necessity when observing the conclusions of various studies which concluded that from the age of 15 onwards girls lost their interest in science and technology for no reason at all. And therefore, they decided to dedicate themselves to careers in health and education, or the ones centred on the arts.

In order to stop this loss #LadyHacker was born with the specific objective of promoting the community of women scientists in the company to create references for the youngest ones and make them not lose interest in these technological careers.  

In order to create technology, all you have to do is have the desire and the passion. Our differences are set aside when it comes to talent and potential.

This is the main reason that has led #LadyHacker 2021 to become a global initiative that seeks to bring together both genders in a common path: inclusion in the technological world.

A long-distance race that we will build together with our #LadyHacker members because there is room for everyone in the hacker world. More information on: https://mujereshacker.telefonica.com/

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