Keys to Implementing a 360 Corporate Digital Identity

ElevenPaths    25 June, 2020
Keys to Implementing a 360 Corporate Digital Identity

In recent years, in parallel with the accelerated processes of corporate digital transformation, a major issue has been growing steadily in the fundamental structures of all organisations.

We are talking about the drawbacks arising from inefficient identity access management which, on the one hand, hinder productivity, and business expansion and, on the other hand, impact significantly on the security of the organisation.

Factors causing identity management issues:

  • Non-planned technological evolution based on partial and isolated solutions.
  • The inorganic corporate growth and the delay in the integration of identity directories.
  • Lack of standard lifecycle management processes and a policy of roles and authorisations.
  • Delay in implementing corrective measures as well as a corporate identity strategy.

This paper begins with a description of the issues resulting from inefficient corporate identity management. Then, a model of identity governance based on Gartner’s CARTA methodology is detailed. Finally, it provides the characteristics that a comprehensive identity access management solution must have.

Full paper available here: Keys to Implementing a 360 Corporate Digital Identity

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