IoT helps reduce climate change

Beatriz Sanz Baños    11 September, 2018

We are integrating Internet of Things in our daily lives and jobs without even realizing it. Having applied hyperconnectivity in such a natural way to our life and our work means that it also reaches other sectors, such as our companies and their business strategies. We are even focusing it further to help minimize serious problems such as climate change.

But how is this possible? The key is to look at one of its main advantages: efficiency. Efficiency not only means doing things faster and better, but also with fewer resources.

One of the main factors that are accelerating climate change is the excessive consumption of energy by society. Without going further, the expenses derived from communities with central heating or power plants generate a large amount of pollution, such as carbon dioxide emissions.

So, is it possible to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing our well-being? Yes it is. It must be understood that a large part of this excessive energy expenditure is not caused only by our needs, but also by an inefficient management with little foresight. We consume more than what is needed because of too little data analysis.

The excessive consumption of energy is accelerating climate change

This is where IoT, together with Big Data, offers us a solution: the information network in real time, fast and efficient, that allows us to know the different levels of energy consumption and, in turn, facilitates the analysis of the points of higher consumption

However, this problem and solution do not apply only to the energy industry. From the flow of water to the distribution of food, all industries can benefit from the aforementioned network of sensors and connected devices. IoT has the potential to reduce the waste of resources on a global scale.

Although reducing pollution is an important step in the fight against climate change, it is also important that we take care of nature’s health. Our actions are causing the flora and fauna of many areas to get sick and this is another area where Internet of Things can provide very valuable help.

Monitoring of nature allows us to have constantly control of the fauna and flora and prevent their deterioration

In the same way we try to guarantee the recovery of a sick patient with constant monitoring, we can do the same with nature. Using strategically placed non-intrusive sensors; we can monitor the status of animals and plants in the area constantly and in real time to know where we need to act urgently. These IoT sensors can even warn that a fire is happening and generate an alarm in a Control Center.

We are reaching a critical point with climate change. Individual efforts are not enough to reduce it; it requires a joint effort, coordinated, or in other words connected to find a solution. IoT can make a very important difference so that the balance tilts on the side of the planet.

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