IoT Activation: the IoT Program for Startups

Luis Simón Gómez Semeleder    4 October, 2018

Telefónica launches the IoT Activation  program to help startups develop their Internet of Things products. Thanks to IoT Activation, companies will have access to Telefónica’s exclusive services and tools to minimize the launching time of IoT solutions in the market.

The program allows testing solutions with all kinds of connectivity and performing from initial functional tests to larger scale pilots. The startups will be able to validate their connections and be part of Telefónica’s digital ecosystem.

Who is it for?

IoT Activation is a tool thought for entrepreneurs to help startups become global, connected and efficient companies. With IoT Activation it is possible to access to exclusive services that make possible optimizing customized solutions depending on the needs of your company.

If you want to promote the development of IoT solutions, increase productivity and expand your business, with IoT Activation you can be part of the innovation ecosystem of Telefónica.

You can sign up for free here.

What is IoT Activation? 

It is a set of technological tools that can be combined to test and improve your solution, connecting it much more efficiently, with all the power of the IoT. The program includes: 

1. Toolkit 

It is the pack of tools to which Telefónica guarantees access, including:

  • SIMs with 6 months of free global connectivity to test and validate your IoT solutions.
  • Modules and devices to test your solution with the connectivity you need: 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, LTE-M.
  • From Plug & Play devices to more complex equipment for more elaborate use cases.

2. Access to The Thinx

The Thinx is the laboratory that Telefónica has created to test new applications and devices in a network that simulates real conditions. In this innovative and collaborative space companies can:

  • Test end-to-end solutions from NB-IoT and LTE-M.
  • Have access to basic engineering support.
  • Have support in the certification process of your devices.

3. Access to the Kite platform

Kite is Telefónica’s IoT connectivity platform that allows you to control and manage all your IoT solutions:

  • Connectivity management: inventory, real-time expense control, alarms, business rule configurations and automatic reporting.
  • Remote device management: APN configuration, firmware update remotely, rebooting remote devices and remote diagnostics.
  • Cloud connectors that facilitate integration with the main platforms and applications of the public cloud.

Additionally, thanks to the collaboration between Wayra and Amazon, members will have access to the Amazon AWS Activate, which offers credits to grow and scale in the cloud.

The time of connectivity and the Internet of Things has arrived, and Telefónica makes it available to the most innovative companies with this innovative program, IoT Activation, with which Internet of Things will no longer have secrets for the development and evolution of products and the business strategy of startups.

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