Introducing the New ElevenPaths Chief Security Envoys (CSEs) for 2020

ElevenPaths    5 October, 2020
Introducing the New ElevenPaths Chief Security Envoys (CSEs) for 2020

For several years now, in ElevenPaths there is a CSAs (Chief Security Ambassadors) figure. These are experts in cybersecurity, ambassadors of our brand around the world whose mission is to promote the culture of security through conferences and articles. 

Last year, in order to broaden the outreach of these ambassadors, we created a new figure: the ElevenPaths CSE (Chief Security Envoy), an acknowledgement programme for professionals in the cybersecurity sector. 

After an initial experience that was a total success, today we would like to introduce you to the two new additions to this programme: Juan Carlos Fernández Martínez and David Sánchez Jiménez. 

Juan Carlos Fernández Martínez 

Worker of the Administration, lawyer and creator of TECNOGADOS. He combines these activities with his work as a specialist professor in legal issues related to new technologies and cybersecurity in various Masters (UCLMEOI or Toledo School of Public Security). He has also participated in the well-known TED talks, as well as the main Computer Security Congresses in Spain, such as RootedCONNavaja NegraMoretureloCON and the XIII STIC CCN-CERT Conference of the National Cryptology Centre. 

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David Sánchez Jiménez 

Cybersecurity expert at  The Security Sentinel. Expert professor in Ethical Hacking and Offensive Security of the Master in CyberSecurity Management, Ethical Hacking and Offensive Security of the Escuela Internacional de Postgrados (EIP) 

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If you want to know the rest of the CSEs that will be repeating in Spain, you can check last year’s article. In Ecuador, Alicia and Christian will repeating as well. 

Events, talks and conferences organisers who would like to have one of these experts at their disposal, we provide the following email address. where we look forward to your applications. We would be delighted to come and share knowledge! 

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