‘Choosing people to whom you can entrust is one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs’, Dani Aldea – Altostratus

Telefónica Tech    8 September, 2021
Dani Aldea

Altostratus is a specialised company in software development and digital transformation processes. Tell us about its beginnings, how did the idea come about?

The idea came about in 2009, when I came across an article in the newspaper where Google Cloud was looking for local partners in Spain. Without thinking too much about it, I decided to create Altostratus with the idea that it would be a company focused on marketing Google Cloud products, mainly what was then known as Google Apps for work and which later became Google Workspace, Google Cloud’s collaboration and communication suite.

Over the years we have expanded into consulting based on Google Cloud Platform and the development of innovative cloud solutions for businesses. Altostratus is currently one of the main Google Cloud Partners in the country and has been part of Telefónica Tech since June this year.

As a digital transformation company, what would be the differentiating elements of Altostratus, what is its value proposition?

Our value as a company is that we use cloud technology to deliver innovative solutions to operational business needs. In other words, we act as a link between business and technology, we understand both worlds and we connect them.

And although we are familiar with other technologies because of our background, where we have specialised most is in the Google Cloud environment.

As values that define us, I would highlight our agility when it comes to tackling projects and our close relationship with the client, whether it is an SME or a large company. And, above all, the personalisation of the service, we always analyse the company’s environment and its internal processes to be able to select and offer the best technological solutions in each case.

Undoubtedly, one of the major milestones so far is the entry into the Telefónica Tech group. What does Telefónica Tech bring to Altostratus and, on the other hand, what is the value of Altostratus for Telefónica at a strategic level?

Being part of Telefónica Tech is the culmination of a journey that began some time ago for Altostratus to become the leader in Google Cloud services in Spain. For us it is a natural step in our relationship with Telefónica, after several years of jointly accompanying customers in their process of digital transformation or outsourcing to the cloud. Thanks to the size of Telefónica Tech, we will be able to count on the technical and commercial resources of a multinational and take on larger projects.

With respect to Telefónica Tech, this acquisition reinforces the Telefónica Group’s MultiCloud strategy, internalising highly specialised technical teams that provide in-depth knowledge of one of the three public clouds they cover, in this case Google Cloud.

To simplify it… We provide know-how and Telefónica Tech provides a strong structure, with the possibility of reaching all parts of the market.

What customer segment is your offer aimed at and what kind of projects do you develop?

Our services are aimed at large companies, where heavy investments in IT infrastructure or development make more sense, because they also have a great impact on cost reduction or return at a business level.

In terms of sectors, our most relevant projects are in companies that need a high level of automation in their operations and services, or those that handle a large volume of data and make decisions based on it. Some common sectors are retail, banking, insurance, logistics or outsourcing.

As outstanding cases I can tell you about a project developed for the banking sector, in which a multi-platform and multi-language virtual assistant with voice was developed using ML and AI technology. The aim was to complement the bank’s call centre with a comprehensive and personalised service 24 hours a day, capable of dealing with queries, but also carrying out banking operations.

Another flagship case, in sensorisation and ML, was the development of a highly innovative predictive maintenance solution that we carried out for a company in the energy sector. It consisted of calculating the status of the entire network in real time, anticipating losses in the network and forecasting consumption increases, with all the economic savings and improvement in service that this entailed.

How is the Cloud sector evolving in Spain and how do you see it developing in the medium term?

The sector is growing rapidly, and in Spain alone it is estimated that it will grow by 20% annually in the coming years.

On the one hand, companies increasingly see the move to the cloud for their IT infrastructure, both for the scalability of their applications and for cost reasons. The cloud offers a great financial advantage, as it allows us to pass our IT expenses on to operating costs instead of having them as CAPEX, or large investments in computer equipment that are amortised in the future.

On the other hand, the context we have been living in has meant a strong acceleration in the demand for digitalisation. Teleworking has accelerated the adoption of new SaaS work tools, as they allow access to company data from any place and device, and also to communicate globally in an efficient way. In the end, all of this has given a strong boost to our sector.

What personal learning would you highlight?

One of the great lessons for me has been the importance of honesty in decision making, honesty with yourself and with others. When you make a decision thinking about personal ethics and the impact it will have on others, only then will you be able to rest easy, even though some people may not like that decision.

And my second learning is the importance of choosing a good team. When you start a project, you feel capable of everything, but as it progresses you need to delegate more and more, otherwise you can’t move forward. Choosing people to whom you can entrust important responsibilities is one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs.

I totally identify with the phrase that says that alone you get there faster, but in a team you get further.

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