The Debate about the future of the Connected Industry 4.0

Mirian Martinez Varas    25 September, 2018

The technological revolution in which we live immersed has transformed, not only our daily lives, but the activities of all sectors of society. It is not necessary to go far to discover that the digitalization and the vertiginous advance of technology have created a globalized and hyperconnected world where the distances are increasingly smaller and the barriers almost nonexistent.

One of the sectors that have evolved the most thanks to the application of technology and the Internet of Things is the Industry sector. The term Industry 4.0 has spread and there is even talk of a new industrial revolution thanks to these advances. The industrial landscape has changed radically with new needs and demands. These include the constant updating of professionals and companies to be able to create and offer solutions to address the new challenges.

But how does this new industrial revolution come about? Mainly due to the union of better connectivity and the development of 5G networks, the use of digital platforms that make possible the development of Artificial Intelligence and other predictive capabilities such as Machine Learning. All this together goes in hand with the evolution of technology in other areas, such as: Big Data, Blockchain or Edge Computing.

The sensorization and automation of industrial plants allows a better understanding of the productive process

With the aim of being competitive in a global market, innovation and the application of connectivity advantages of the Internet of Things to the industrial process are decisive. This advance can be clearly seen in several levels: from the sensorization of industrial plants to increase the knowledge of the production process thanks to automation to the application of the evolution of 5G connectivity to optimize the consumption of batteries and the communication between workers.

With this context and with the objective to give the main leaders in this revolution a way to present their ideas about the transformation of the industrial sector in the present and plan the future of it, the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism organizes tomorrow, Wednesday September 26, 2018, the second edition of the Connected Industry Congress 4.0. The day, which will be held at the Municipal Conference Center of Madrid, has been proposed as a space for reflection and debate on the challenges facing the industry today.

The conference is proposed as a space for reflection and debate on the challenges facing the industry today

This congress will again have the participation of Telefónica as a driving brand of the industry that will address the issue ¿The end of production in chain? The role of IoT in the New Industrial Revolution. That is, how the Internet of Things is going to change our way of producing through new predictive, personalized, more efficient and ecological industrial processes. In addition, it will present on its stand some recent innovations to bring them closer to the consumer. Through an interactive game the will give a demonstration of the operation of anti-fire drones, unmanned aerial vehicles capable of preventing a fire before the it occurs and then act to extinguish it. There will also be a demonstration that shows the potential of the new connectivity together with Virtual Reality.

In short, it is a great meeting that allows the Industry to continue looking to the future and offer Spanish companies a new transformative impulse.

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