IoT Solutions World Congress

Mirian Martinez Varas    18 October, 2018

More than 40,000 million devices connected in 2023. This is the data, according to a report by Business Insider, under which the IoT Solutions World Congress was held at the Fira de Barcelona, between October 16 and 18. The event has already become an essential appointment worldwide that connects large IoT providers with industry members.

With more than 300 exhibitors, the fourth edition of IoTSWC has shown visitors the latest innovations in digital transformation that this industry offers. They have already been established as a great help to increase productivity and offer better services.

Connected transport, healthcare, energy, construction and infrastructure, open industry, manufacturing and IoT facilitating technologies have been the protagonists of the event.

IoT is a reality

Telefónica has taken advantage of its presence in the IoTSWC to show its wide range of IoT products and solutions, as well as its innovation plans around this disruptive technology. A fundamental element of these solutions is Kite Platform, Telefónica’s managed IoT connectivity platform. In addition to managing all IoT connectivity, including NBIoT and LTE-M, it provides transparency, security, analytics and self-management of all the IoT devices and products of the client. With it you can develop the IoT verticals, either B2B: (Mobility, Retail, Energy, Industry and Smart Cities) or B2C solutions.

Together with Kite Platform, Telefónica offers the essential tools to develop all its capabilities: devices integrated with the solutions, the best IoT connectivity, integration with IoT cloud players and end-to-end security from the design phase.

In line with the concept “Take things further”, Telefónica has shown its commitment to continue innovating in a quick way, adapting to changes and offering customers solutions with the most advanced technology. In this sense, we always seek to keep the customer at the center of the design process, be it a business client or a residential customer. This spirit of solving the needs of our customers with the help of technology is in the very DNA of Telefónica’s IoT proposal.

As an example of this, it has displayed demonstrations related to Blockchain, antifire drones or the IoT Activationprogram, which offers a toolkit with key elements for validation by startups of different verticals of IoT technologies, including specialized devices for prototyping, LPWA IoT connectivity, exclusive access to the validation laboratory and all the support of the specialized equipment of Telefónica.

At the Telefónica stand, visitors to the IoTSWC have also been able to witness solutions in areas such as mobility, energy efficiency, retail or IoT security. Likewise, a virtual reality experience has been offered (in collaboration with Altran) and devices such as a sound level meter, an intelligent coffee machine and a connected bicycle have been exhibited as examples of high performance applications for sports.

IoT is now a reality and the success of the IoT Solutions World Congress proves it. Connectivity providers, software developers, hardware manufacturers, reference companies in different sectors or technological influencers know their potential to transform the economy.

As described in the panel “Enabling IoT”, presented by Carlos Carazo, Global Director of Technology IoT of Telefónica, together with executives of ENGIDI, SUBEX and FICOSA, IoT is experiencing a perfect storm, a concurrence of different factors (ecosystem of devices, connectivity, information analytics, security, etc.) that in the short term will produce an exponential effect in terms of adoption, massification and transformational impact in different industries.

Innovation is the way forward to take advantage of the wide range of possibilities it offers us.

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