How process automation can help your business

AI of Things    27 April, 2020

The automation of processes within production systems makes use of machines to reduce human work, supported by technological trends such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, etc, which support the digital transformation of companies.

In this article discover 5 advantages of process automation for companies.

Benefits of process automation

1. Improvement of the production process

Process automation helps to shorten production cycles, since less time is required to coordinate processes.

So, by implementing automation, a team’s workload will thus be reduced. As a result, you will reduce the labour costs and time invested.

2. Optimal control

One of the latest technologies related to process automation is IoT, the Internet of Things, a technology that allows you, among other things, to control objects remotely.

For example, thanks to IoT, you can monitor machinery from a distant location so in the event of a malfunction, instructions can be sent to the machine without having to be present. This allows you to solve problems in real time, due to the immediate transmission of information, improving decision making via a digital platform.

3. Improved customer service

One of the most modern applications of process automation, associated with digital marketing, is the implementation of chatbots which uses Natural language processing. As its name indicates, it consists of a chat robot, acting as a virtual assistant programmed to maintain an online conversation with the visitors of a page.

The chatbots are loaded with a battery of frequently asked questions and answers related to the company. This tool can also ask them questions to find out what they need so that you can offer your services in a timely and personalised manner.

Finally, your visitors can leave their contact details to be contacted later by a representative to help make a sale. In this way, chatbots also become a good tool for collecting data from quality sources.

4. Optimization of teamwork

Another form of process automation that is becoming fundamental in work teams is task control platforms.

These platforms are usually designed to operate on a variety of devices. All you need to do is create an enterprise account and add your team members.

These tools usually have their platforms  (preferred space for desktop users) and in applications (ideal for those who connect from mobile devices). The advantage is that all the information will be uploaded to a cloud, making it available to all your collaborators.

Thus, control platforms help you to fragment projects into tasks for each member of the team. From these you can assign managers, control the status of the work and follow the deadlines.

5. Database management

In the digital age, most competitive companies have already introduced this technology. The best and safest approach is for organisations to have a digital database system in the cloud.

Big Data strategies allows companies to upload important information of your company, such as customer databases, information about your employees, accounting files, performance reports, legal documents, advertising assets, and other relevant information to one single online repository.

This information is not only stored, but also accessible by relevant personnel. In this case, process automation allows you to connect the relevant information for each area of the company and thus be able to view, modify and update it in real time. Process automation, then, allows employees to access updated information immediately, without the need to communicate it one by one.

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