How Germany Moves project wins at the German Online Communications Awards

AI of Things    10 July, 2018

In another post from the start of this year, which you can read here, we presented the interactivty mobility map that our colleagues at Telefónica NEXT in Germany had created. The map, called “How Germany Moves“, combines mobility data, data analysis and big data that presents in information as a fully interactive data visualization. The information is incredibly useful for a variety of parties, from cities to transport companies, who are interesting in mobility patterns.

Now, only five months later, we are pleased to share that this project has been recognized for its quality with two awards. Telefónica NEXT was recognized with a German Online Communications Award in Gold at Berlin’s Radialsystem on June 14th. In the Transport & Logistics category, Telefónica NEXT won the coveted award for its communications around the data visualization “How Germany moves” (“So bewegt sich Deutschland”).

As mentioned in the introduction, at the beginning of the year, Telefónica NEXT had created an interactive map visualizing Germany-wide traffic flows from anonymous mobile data. The aim was to highlight the potential of big data to the public as well as to cities and providers of mobility.

The launch of the website in January 2018 was accompanied with extensive public relations. Media channels such as Wired covered the results on a broad basis, with trade press, local newspapers as well as multiple radio morningshows adding to the list.

The German Online Communications Award (“Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation”) honors outstanding achievements of organizations in the field of digital communication. It is awarded annually by the magazine “Pressesprecher” and Quadriga

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