New Global DDoS Threat Report

ElevenPaths    3 February, 2020

Globally, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become more prevalent, powerful and sophisticated. Attackers continue to see great success from using DDoS attacks as a major attack vector to achieve their objectives.

It is estimated that approximately 7.7 million new devices are added to the Internet everyday of which, a significant number of devices are either deficient or even non-existent with any preferred levels of security. These devices end up being controlled by cybercriminals who in turn weaponize them in order to unleash cyberattacks in an unprecedented order of magnitude.

Telecom service providers play a significant role in delivering availability and performance on your networks, by protecting your Internet traffic from impending DDoS attacks. They have deployed capacity and capability to deliver proactive mitigation and protection against DDoS attacks. With data from this report, local expertise, services and partnerships, businesses are still able to protect themselves and reduce the risk of having online business disruptions.

The alliance of large communications companies from various regions that form the TSA (Telco Security Alliance), together with partners like Netscout, bring comprehensive and reliable information that helps us all to understand the DDoS landscape. We share this knowledge to raise awareness and at the same time help businesses and institutions to deal with this type of threat. The sophisticated attack methods that are being reported by TSA SOC (Security Operation Centers) teams, along with growing regional geopolitical issues predict a challenging 2020 for us all.

The Global DDoS Threat Report 2019 provides detailed expert analysis of the global DDoS threat landscape and provides factual data on monitored global and regional attacks seen by Netscout’s Advanced Threat Level Analysis System.

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