GeoGestión, the Internet of Mobile Workforces

Beatriz Sanz Baños    15 February, 2017

GeoGestión is a solution that streamlines processes that were previously costly for businesses in terms of both money and resources. To illustrate this with some examples this system addresses the paperwork required after a sales force visit, the work sheet filled out by a technical service when visiting a customer – where the technician must report on the tasks carried out and file the signature of the client after the repair has been completed, or package delivery for courier services. Therefore GeoGestión is a sidekick for businesses that require digitising their mobile workforce bureaucracy.

GeoGestión is based on two types of user devices: dedicated devices – similar to traditional beepers – that compile information autonomously and smartphones that collect data from both the employee’s input as well as the data that the smartphone sensors collect autonomously. Both types of devices, of course, have a SIM card installed. The app can require employee interaction for certain tasks and work on its own in the background at all time as other IoT systems are designed to do.

GeoGestión allows an administrator to know where their employees are at a given moment, triggering alarms in the event the employees move beyond predesignated geofences – combining geofencing and asset tracking in one single solution. The platform has built in reports that compile collected data (from the two types of devices) offering insight and leverage to companies in order to improve business processes. The platform allows to carry out employee wide actions regardless of the type of employee (sales force, security agents, etc.), indicating the route to follow, where to go at one given time, and even start text based chats with them. In the meanwhile completed work sheets are collected after the visit, repair or delivery.

We have identified four types of businesses that can clearly benefit from GeoGestión:

  • Companies with mobile sales forces
  • Security firms
  • Logistics, Courier and Delivery companies
  • Technical assistance companies

From the employee perspective, it is not complicated to start using GeoGestión. This lack of a steep learning curve helps users cut paperwork time from day one. Data is automatically relayed to the employee’s office making it easy to report back. This information channel works both ways allowing last minute updates to reach the employee immediately in case of an emergency (for security employees or technicians) that know where to go as soon as possible and how to get there. The system records both programmed and unscheduled events, granting access to the forms the employee needs to fill out, this impacting positively on productivity.

GeoGestión is a key partner for the four types of companies mentioned before. They can embrace digital transformation with a clear plan to recovering the invested cost. Some advantages are common to every use case and some are business specific.

From a practical point of view, security services improve their efficiency in answer distress signals 20% thanks to the built in real time features. The panic button feature improves the ease of mind for both the end client and the security employees that feels that help is always close by. Paperwork improvements and bureaucracy streamlining can achieve a 70% cut in both people and time required. Users that need to meet an SLA with clients have achieved a 20% improvement. Finally, we would like to also mention the improvements in salesforces. Mobile sales workers’ routes are optimized 30% allowing for a redesign in routes and assigned clients that helps both overworked and partially-idle sales workers to improve their personal productivity an extra 20%.

The data provided by our 25,000 active licenses offer us excellent Return of Investment (ROI) perspectives for our customers estimated in ranging from 5 to 1 to 7 to 1. The ROI cycle is shortened even more thanks to the tool’s market position and its competitive pricing.

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