Energy efficiency switches to the Smart side

Beatriz Sanz Baños    30 August, 2018

Companies are submerged in a process of digital transformation that covers each and every one of their departments, which modifies their business strategy and reaches up to their energy management office.

This last focus, energy management efficiency is becoming increasingly important, regardless of its size. That is, companies want to reduce costs on their bills, but also favor optimal management of the energy they use in their day to day activities. In this way, the entrepreneurs reduce the impact of economic and environmental issues.

How do I convert my company into place with more efficient energy consumption? It is the question that many entrepreneurs fear; however, it is very easy. The solutions offered by the Internet of Things can solve it in a couple of simple steps. The first one is to make sure that the managers responsible for improving energy efficiency know first-hand if the company has anomalous patterns and that the IoT solutions they apply provide an accurate prediction of consumption, so that they can know where to act first and what requires attention first.

The next step is the installation of sensors located in different areas of the company that are responsible for measuring temperature, CO2, humidity or light level in order to maintain a pleasant and healthy working environment for its employees. In fact, the sensors can also be used to install a centralized remote management system that allows entrepreneurs to access the control remotely and in real time which facilitates its implementation and maintenance. It’s a very useful solution for companies that have several locations in different parts of the city, the country or even in different countries.

Saving of 23% of energy consumption can be comparated to the annual consumption of 10,000 households

The technology and connectivity provided by the Internet of Things is fundamental in this challenge faced by company managers. Big Data also plays a key role since it will allow entrepreneurs to analyze all the datathey collect which allows them to make the best decision in order to reduce costs and save energy.

One of the most notable benefits is that, thanks to the reduction of operating costs that result from the most efficient solutions, it makes it easier for companies to save over time. That is to say, it is not a question of facing a specific problem, but breaking consumption patterns that are harmful both for the company and for the environment in order to create a healthy habit of energy consumption.

It’s also important to remember that current regulations regarding CO2 emissions and greenhouse gases are hardening, so by applying IoT and efficiency programs, companies can adapt more easily to government requirements.

Companies that have carried out more efficient energy management policies have achieved an average saving of 23% of energy consumption. To visualize it more clearly, this saving can be compared to the annual consumption of 10,000 households. They are solutions focused on improving the energy use of companies that need to be in operation throughout the day such as shops or hotels.

The consumption of energy will continue to grow as our use of technology continues to grow. The good functioning of society depends on technology fulfilling its function and its most vulnerable point is what makes it work: energy. Without good control of energy efficiency suffers and with it the rest of society.

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