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ElevenPaths    10 December, 2017
Last Thursday, November 30th, Cybersecurity Day was celebrated internationally. At ElevenPaths we continue with commemoration, so that we have collected some #CyberTricks from our experts (Chema Alonso, Pablo San Emeterio, Yaiza Rubio, Carmen Torrano and Félix Brezo) into a Decalogue, to know where we have to pay attention when we are connected from our devices.
Who better than the great leaders of the cybersecurity sector, who know firsthand the most common vulnerabilities, to remind us of the importance of being informed about the real risks of the Internet and anticipating what we should do if we want to be protected while keeping our information safe in the net.

Chema Alonso at ElevenPaths CyberTricks

#CyberTricks Decalogue of ElevenPaths experts
1. “Hack your attitude and learn security!”. Chema Alonso
2. “100% security does not exist. Do not reuse passwords and use two factor authentication.” Félix Brezo
3. “If you accept by default the privacy options in your social networks, you can expose more information than you are aware of.” Yaiza Rubio
4. “Update your devices and applications if you do not want to be exposed to known vulnerabilities.”.Pablo San Emeterio
5. “Do not forget to close your session, use secure passwords and change them periodically.” Carmen Torrano
6. “Be attentive to intrusive advertising, it can be deceptively trying to install malicious software”..Yaiza Rubio
7. “Beware of email attachments that you do not recognize, may include installations of malicious apps.” Felix Brezo
8. “Check the URL of the emails before openning them to avoid phishing” Carmen Torrano
9. “If a company claims a debt by email verifies its authenticity in another way, it could be a ramsonware.” Pablo San Emeterio
10. “Improve the security of all your digital identities using two factor authentication. Latch your digital life!” Chema Alonso

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