Efficient and responsible milk production

Beatriz Sanz Baños    8 November, 2019

We have a new example of how technology can help us form a better society in which the production and consumption of milk is carried out in a sustainable and respectful way for the environment and the animal fauna.

Milk-producing companies have an important challenge ahead: to meet the demand of milk from a society in continuous growth that demands a higher consumption of food for subsistence at an increased rate. 

On the other hand, the growth of cities has created a lower availability of land for livestock and the depopulation of rural areas has reduced the workforce available to work on farms. In addition, professionals in the sector fear that the effects of climate change will affect global food production.

Sectors such as dairy farms need all the possible help that technology can provide, and the Internet of Things (IoT)is beginning to affect their production. 

How does the Internet of Things influence milk production? 

Many milk producers already use sensors with IoT connectivity to gather information that may be useful to improve the animal’s welfare, feeding, or milk quality. Through a wearable device in a collar, in the tail or in the ears, farmers can know what is the ideal time to milk or if they suffer from any disease. These devices cause no harm to the animal. In this way, an individual, personalized, more effective and faster treatment can be applied. 

Once the animal has been is connected with IoT, the second phase is oriented towards the collection of the data captured by the sensors, which once integrated into the industrial management platforms allow for real-time decision making.

Finally, the data collected is used to perform an analysis that helps farmers to make more efficient decisions in the management of their herd. In addition, it promotes the welfare of animals because they get less sick and produce higher quality food, with the consequent cost savings and increased benefits that this entails.

We are facing a new example of how IoT can help us create a better society in which the production and consumption of food is carried out in a sustainable and respectful way with the environment and with the animal fauna. 

*Image: @solominphoto

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