Datacloud Europe is nearly here!

AI of Things    16 May, 2017
The importance of the data cloud storage method has taken prevelance in the market and for this reason the Datacloud Europe event was created to harbour and share good practice. Chema Alonso will be talking about how companies can stay relevant in the ever changing field of cyber security.

Chema Alonso continues with his presence at events across the globe by attending the Datacloud Europe event. This event is the leading place for businesses and customers alike to make deals and network. If you want to find out who else will be joining Chema to give advice and insight at the event follow this link.


This years agenda will include; cloud challenges and data centre infrastructure giving the event the pull factors to attract both investors and their customers. Those in attendance will be able receive high quality information from the talks and also take their questions further with the beautiful city of Monaco as their backdrop what looks like it is set to be even more a success this year.
It is also worth noting that on the 7th of June the talks will focus on Africa, highlighting the continents progress with Cloud storage and the future for the development and deployment in cities in Africa.
Take a look at what happened last year in the video below:
Join the LUCA team through our Twitter account to keep up with the latest action from the event this August, we hope to find the insights just as useful as you do too!

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