Dan Rosen talked about the importance of adopting mobile advertising: LUCA Talk 4

AI of Things    2 May, 2017
This past Wednesday our head of Global Advertising, Dan Rosen, gave a talk highlighting the importance of a “mobile first, mobile only” approach to advertising. Dan started by giving an overview of his career progression and what brought him to LUCA from an agency background, and what led him to believe in the importance of Big Data for advertisers.

Dan also discussed how the advertising industry has changed massively in the past years and how advertisers really need to fight for attention. He backed this up by stating that we need to move away from the thought process that desktop thinking comes first followed by the mobile user. Today, people will primarily pick up their phone first as it offers a faster, more effective user experience. Dan backed up his talk with strong case study examples like that of Dove using LUCA Sponsored Data in Brazil.
He highlighted three areas to make mobile advertising more effective:
  1. Sponsored Data: Keeping both business and consumer content as the company receives business and this gives the customer free access.
  2. Programmatic Display: This allows for a greater level of business insight.
  3. Messaging: This provides the best consumer interaction and communication.
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