Cybersecurity and Business: ElevenPaths at the RSA Conference 2020

ElevenPaths    9 March, 2020

We are back from the RSA Conference 2020, the year when the standard ‘humanization of technology’ has been set within the sector. We already predicted it last year with our commitment under the motto #HumanizingSecurity. During this edition, the conference organization itself has highlighted the presence of the human element in the management of company security.

The conference −held in San Francisco from 24 to 27 February 2020− has coincided with the alert situation caused by the famous virus known as Covid-19. This has caused the cancellation of various events on these same dates. However, the situation has not been a problem for the RSA Conference organization and the great annual cybersecurity conference has been held naturally despite the withdrawal of some large companies such as IBM, AT&T and Verizon. According to data collected by the organization, this exceptional situation has marginally affected the attendance and celebration of the event.

Participation of Telefónica

Telefónica has not been impacted by this situation either, since we have taken part for the fourth consecutive time in the XXIX edition of this great world event within the security sector.

Concentrating on a single place and for a week such various profiles encouraged Telefónica to move a multidisciplinary team that was present all week. From those responsible for the global area of ​​ElevenPaths (Go to Market, Product, Go to Customer, Alliances, CEO’s Office and Marketing and Communication, among others) to security managers of the main OBs of the group ([MGA1] Spain, Brazil, UK, France, Chile, Mexico and Argentina); product, sales and marketing managers of Telefónica USA as well as managers from in-house security areas. In addition, as a differential point compared to previous years, two key members of Telefónica’s management structure (José Cerdán and Antonio Marti, CEO and COO of Telefónica Tech respectively) were present to support us.

Learn More about ElevenPaths’ Proposal

Let’s start by talking about the stand, this year renewed with the colors of the new brand identity of ElevenPaths, the Telefónica’s Cybersecurity Unit. This new identity has led the design of all the pieces.

 RSA Conference: Booth South #1459 Moscone Center
RSA Conference: Booth South #1459 Moscone Center

The stand constituted the ideal meeting point to build new relationships and strengthen the existing ones with clients, strategic partners and vendors as well as with analysts of all nationalities. Moreover, all conference attendees who visited us could enjoy the sessions prepared by the product and alliances managers of the ElevenPaths team, companies shared by Telefónica and security startups promoted by Wayra, which presented their security proposals.

As we mentioned, one of the main topics of the conference was the inclusion of the human element, and our strategy is fully aligned with this concept. It is not by chance that once again we stand out our commitment to humanize security, aiming for a security that goes far beyond technology. As an Intelligent Managed Security Service Provider (iMSSP), our technologies are improved thanks to the people who manage them, being at your disposal whenever you need us: There when you need us.

Vicente Segura durante su charla sobre Seguridad IoT
Vicente Segura during his talk about IoT Security

Among the main sessions, one of the most outstanding was the one given by Vicente Segura, Head of IoT and OT of Telefónica. During his talk, he presented the different security projects for the growing Internet of Things market we are working on. This talk and the rest of the sessions coincided with several of the main topics discussed at the conference, given that for the first time the general agenda of plenary sessions included topics on the convergence of IT and OT [MGA1] security, as well as sessions focused on products and open source tools (user interface design, artificial intelligence, privacy and security operations centers).

Another session that had great expectations was ‘Coronavirus: From health and beyond’, where our colleague Helene Aguirre from the Global Area of ​​ElevenPaths presented an analysis of the conversation generated on social networks around the well-known virus. To this end, she used the Aldara tool (managed by the cyberthreat service, VERO) analyzing the behavior of the virus from the first day it was announced and she explained the different communities that have been created since then.

Furthermore, and from a business point of view, we must highlight the progress achieved with local and worldwide clients, particularly Europeans. We had the opportunity to provide in detail the full offer and global reach of our services, the technological advances we are implementing as well as the challenges we will face in the very near future. Knowing their concerns in detail and in such an environment has strengthened our positioning as consultants, since it has been possible to share synergies and create closer ties with vendors that meet their needs.

To sum up, our experience in San Francisco had a threefold effect:

  1. Holding a large number of meetings with key players within the sector, from customers and vendors to analysts, strengthening and enhancing our relationships.
  2. Position ourselves as strategic security consultants by offering our intelligent managed security services (iMSSP).
  3. Share synergies with security partners from different countries with the aim of joining forces for the company’s next challenges.

In short, a great experience that year after year helps us to continue moving up in this growing sector. We are already preparing our participation for next year, so we hope to see you there. See you next time!

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