Cybersecurity: 13 posts to stay informed and protected from cyberthreats

Telefónica Tech    29 December, 2022

With the digitization of companies and organizations and our increasing reliance on digital technologies, data and information protection must be prioritized.

The adoption of cutting-edge digital technologies is not only transforming our lives, economy, society and improving our relationship with the environment: it also means an increase in the number of malicious attacks and the sophistication of cyberattacks.

Because as Cybersecurity techniques and technologies improve, so do the tactics and methods used by cybercriminals. This forces companies to increase their resources to protect their data and systems, which are increasingly valuable and critical assets for the operations and continuity of any organization.

Data and IT and OT systems are becoming more and more valuable for companies, and are crucial to ensure their continuity and resilience.

We have selected a few posts to say goodbye to this year and welcome 2023. Contents that address the different types of attacks and threats, techniques to prevent them and the tools to detect and respond to security incidents. They also refer to the best practices that organizations should apply to protect themselves from threats. Additionally, they emphasize the need for a robust security strategy to protect them from intrusions and attacks.

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