Cyber Security in Times of Pandemic: How Has Confinement Affected Our Digital Security?

ElevenPaths    15 April, 2021
Cyber Security in Times of Pandemic: How Has Confinement Affected Our Digital Security?

The pandemic has accelerated the transition to a digital life, and with it, cyber-attacks against users and businesses have risen. The most frequent attack, which is the most common breach, is phishing. How many times have we received an email, opened it and accessed an inappropriate link or download? Three such common and simple steps that they have become a routine that many users fall into. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, phishing attacks have grown by 70%.

Did you know that companies’ ability to contain attacks has declined by 13% in the last five years? The pandemic has forced many companies to adapt to remote working so quickly that they have opened security breaches in their systems. The rise of video conferencing platforms and the need for information have opened attack points that cybercriminals are trying to exploit. In addition, many employees have had to work with their personal devices that are beyond the organisation’s control to find out what types of operating systems they use, whether they are up to date, whether they have any vulnerabilities caused by different applications installed…

Types of Cyber-Attacks

The types of cyber-attacks recorded by the authorities during the pandemic are mainly phishing and smishing, a version of SMS phishing. Both are used in the same way, impersonating an official organisation and attempting to redirect the user to a fake website to enter personal data or download malicious files.

These attacks and many others are on the rise because of the new reality that we are living in. We are spending more time at home and our digital lives are increasing. Now, more than ever, we need to be specially careful in our digital lives, identify threats and take extra precautions when using the internet.

Both users and companies, large and small, must take into account the security of their business. Any cyber-attack can have very negative consequences for companies: economic losses, reputational impacts, etc. For all these reasons and more, cyber security and information protection have become a necessity.

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