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AI of Things    19 July, 2017
The Barcelona edition of Changing the Game with Big Data took place last Thursday at the Edificio Telefónica Diagonal. In case you weren’t able to make the event or access the streaming this post will round up the highlights from last week. This will give you an idea of the in depth insights that were given with regards to optimization in tourism, retail and transport.

Enrique Santiago started the proceedings and gave a brief introduction to both the audience and the viewers who were engaged with the live streaming. He highlighted the digitalization of the global market and the importance of reacting to this transformation in a reactionary, pro-active manner.
Bruno Vilarasau Mitjans led the first talk and gave the audience an insight into various business models that are leading the digitalization in today’s market having mentioned companies like JustEat, Uber and Whatsapp. He made it clear that the amount of data that is created through these applications can be transformed and anonymised in a secure way to lead to the creation of informative Big Data.
Carlos Martínez Miguel gave an overview of his role within LUCA and gave an insight into how various problems have been addressed through the use of Big Data. He highlighted the variety of case studies and the broad nature of the use of LUCA. Mario Romero followed this introduction with a closer look at the benefits of LUCA Transit. This was then brought to life through the example of Zaragoza with Juan Ortiz Taboada and their collaboration with LUCA Transit.
The morning of insights was finished by Alváro Alegría from Synergic Partners and Miguel Angel Díez Rincón with exciting partnerships that have developed in the retail sector.
Figure 2: LUCA Transit was amongst one of the products discussed.

The event in Barcelona gave the LUCA team another chance to share more success stories and good practice, follow this link to find out more from each speaker. Keep up to date with our social media platforms to find out more about upcoming events!

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