Chema Alonso stars in “Big Data, Living with Algorithms”

Ana Zamora    1 February, 2017
Yesterday evening, RTVE launched the first in a series of documentaries entitled “Documentos TV”, showing just how digital our daily lives have become and how the control of these digital activities is one of the biggest battles of our time. The first episode, “Big Data, Living with Algorithms” (“Big Data: Conviviendo con el Algoritmo”)featured experts from the technology sector, including Telefónica’s CDO, Chema Alonso, who explained how the development of algorithms that predict our behavior bring us closer to a world of decisions made by Artificial Intelligence.

Chema Alonso in TV
Figure 1: Chema Alonso in the documentary: ‘Big Data, conviviendo con el algoritmo’.
The documentary covered important topics such as Internet of Things, which our CDO expanded on by discussing the cybersecurity matters surrounding the topic. Chema commented: “The rapid expansion of IOT across all sector is extremely complex, for this reason it is fundamental that we take security and ethics into consideration from the beginning  when designing systems, otherwise it will be difficult to control in the future.”
To see what else he had to say, watch the entire documentary online here.

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