CapaciCard: an Elevenpaths’ own physical technology materializing simple identification and authorization

ElevenPaths    19 November, 2018
Can you imagine to be able to authenticate or authorize a payment just by placing a plastic card on your mobile phone screen? (without circuitry, neither NFC connection nor additional hardware are required). So now try to imagine the same scenario but placing that card on a laptop touchpad. Over the last Security Innovation Day, we presented several technologies developed by our team, of which we are especially proud. Along this entry we will talk about CapaciCard.
CapaciCard, tecnología física de identificación y autorización de forma sencilla

CapaciCard enables authentication, identification or authorization of users by taking advantage from the inherent capacitive features of multitouch screens, which are present in almost all the smartphones and laptop touchpads available on the market. Neither NFC, connection, BlueTooth, nor additional hardware are required, just a cost-effective card.

CapaciCard is a simple plastic card with some capacitive points inside creating a unique graph for each user. Any capacitive screen (like these from smartphones or laptop touchpads) can read them.

Different services available in one device

CapaciCard enables many dispositions inside, so just with a card you will be able to be authenticated in any web. The web will only need to be slightly modified to take advantage of this technology, as it is usually done to integrate any identity provider.

Paired with your device

Leave passwords and coordinate cards behind. CapaciCard is simple and easy to use. Do not fear to lose your card: it has been previously paired with your devices with a simple process, preventing third parties from using it.

Our technology has been registered as a patent and was presented at the Security Innovation Day, where we showed other projects we are currently working on. Further information can be found in

Innovation and Labs team of ElevenPaths

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