Axonix acquire mobile geolocation startup Statiq

AI of Things    14 March, 2017
This week, our programmatic trading platform, Axonix, has acquired British mobile geolocation data startup Statiq in our continued pursuit of data-driven business opportunities. The investment has been driven by Axonix’s scale and diversification strategy and will give Telefónica a wealth of data to better target consumers – bring even greater value to our corporate customers in LUCA.

Statiq launched in 2013 and has built a portfolio of partners ranging from demand side platforms to ad networks. Their solution processes “billions” of location data signals to identify the places people visit and subsequently build consumer profiles around them. The data can also tell advertisers whether a consumer visited a retail store after seeing a mobile ad.
Statiq: a geolocation data startup
Figure 1: Statiq is a British mobile geolocation data startup which we have acquired.
The expertise, skills and understanding of location data that the Statiq team bring with them is unparalleled,” said Axonix CEO, Simon Bailey. “Combining this with the unique and verified first party data sets will create a significantly superior and differentiated product set.”
Tim Finn, CEO of Statiq, added: “Location intelligence has become a critical capability for digital marketers across all channels. Location-based mobile advertising in particular is fast becoming a key competitive differentiator as mobile ad players enjoy the benefits of providing a highly personalised, relevant and timely user experience.”
Figure 2: Simon Bailey, CEO of Axonix, reflects on the acquisition.

“This type of location data is highly valued on exchanges – uniting Statiq’s data and analytics products with Axonix programmatic platform we are able to enrich the whole experience for brands and agencies.”

The acquisition also allows O2’s mobile marketing and insights provider, Weve, which is integrated with Axonix technology, to offer UK advertisers an enhanced and expanded location data solution. It brings together Statiq’s GPS-based footfall measurement, telco data, and insights from across O2’s 15,000 Wi-Fi hotspots and will provide advertisers with greater insights into audience behaviour and campaign performance at a granular level.
Statiq and Axonix will combine offices in London as well as maintaining offices in Barcelona and Kiev, continuing under their own independent brand.

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