Artificial Intelligence in the Industrial Sector: the success story of Repsol

AI of Things    5 December, 2019

Although technological advances have been left behind in recent years, the industrial sector presents opportunities for developpment in the field of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, and also in terms of efficiency and new sources of income.

In this data story, we talk about Repsol, a global and integrated company in the energy sector. They have initiated a comprehensive digital transformation of the entire company as a lever for its strategic plan.

In a company like Repsol, the impact of the widespread application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence is very important. It also has a direct impact on the income statement.

Juan José Casado, Data Analytics & AI Director de Repsol

Repsol is committed to ensuring profitable growth to lead the energy digitial transformation process. In this regard, consultancy and analytical work which LUCA carries out is particularly relevant.

In the context of digitalization, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence have permited the exploitation of thousands of data points collected over the years in their production processes. Achieved through analytical models developed by LUCA, it solved detected problems in each of the business areas.

Thanks to the results and insights extracted from the different projects Repsol’s decision making has been enriched. This makes its processes more agile and efficient, its planning tighter and its customer satisfaction higher.

In this interview, Juan José Casado, Data Analytics & AI Director of Repsol, explains the magnitude and details of this work:

Juan José Casado talks about the company’s transformation project during LUCA Innovation Day 2018.

This project is one of many successful efforts aimed at facilitating operational excellence, optimizing resources and raw materials, improving productivity in the plant and improving the quality of the final product. Finally, increasing customer satisfaction was possible thanks to an optimal knowledge of them.

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  1. Rather interesting to see the AI to be applied in the industrial sectors – rather new vertical for AI.
    As far as I get it, AI application here is more about analyzing Big Data of the processes, detecting the weak points, automatical decision making to change those. Or do the AI processes go deeper>

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