AI of Things: 9 essential posts to say goodbye to 2022

Telefónica Tech    27 December, 2022

AI of Things (Artificial Intelligence of Things) is the set of technologies that bring together IoT devices —physical objects with sensors, software and connectivity— with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions that allow processing, analyzing and extracting insights from large volumes of data.

Some of these IoT (Internet of Things) objects can range from thermostats and household appliances, vehicles, buildings, or wearables (activity bracelets, watches, medical devices…) to infrastructures, supply networks, machinery, or industrial systems.

This way, thanks to the sensorization of the physical world, it is possible to build a data-driven digital version of the environment, allowing us to recognize patterns or predict results, automate tasks, optimize processes, anticipate failures and needs or generate insights that help to make data-driven decisions.

The application of AI of Things technologies multiplies the value of connected things and creates new business opportunities.

Throughout this year, we have published a number of posts related to the AI of Things technologies that we develop, use and implement at Telefónica Tech: