Affordable fleet management for Spanish SMEs

Telefónica Tech    30 March, 2022

We live in a fast-changing environment. Spanish SMEs have sharpened their wits to stay in the business after the pandemic. Most of them have begun a process of digitalisation to meet the demands of their customers. Customers who, nowadays, want their products and services instantly.

Agile and flexible logistics

And, for these companies logistics plays an important role at this very moment. They have to respond to new customer demands in an agile, fast and flexible way.

These companies cannot afford large investments, they need to save costs, improve productivity and ensure efficient delivery of their products.

A fleet pilot of 300 cars

In this context, Net4things together with Telefonica Tech are launching a pilot test to offer an affordable fleet management solution. The pilot has been implemented in a car rental dealership in Catalonia. In the first phase, only 10 cars will be connected and the project will gradually reach a total of 300 vehicles.

The aim is to obtain their location, the vehicle’s status and the driver’s habits. All the information is centralised in the Net4Things platform, which allows these data to be controlled and visualised. In this way, the company can really know, with data, how its fleet is doing at all times.

A suitable solution for any SME

With this pilot project, we want to offer a solution that is affordable, functional, simple to use and easy to integrate into any company. According to the latest data provided by the Directorate General for Industry and Small and Medium Enterprises for February 2022 in Spain, there are 2,925,224.

We firmly believe that we can accelerate the process of fleet digitalisation in these companies. At the moment they cannot afford electrification, but they have a solution that will make them more competitive, empower them and strengthen their products.

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