7 Big Data events in May

AI of Things    28 April, 2017
May is fast approaching and we’re excited to announce a series of events we’ll be taking part in throughout Europe. Take a look and follow us on Twitter to find out more about the content we’ll be sharing.

1. Chief Data Officer Forum (3rd-4th May)

Figure 1: Join the event from the 3rd – 4th of May, London

This event at the Business Design Centre gives those in attendance the opportunity to network with Europe’s leading senior-level data officers and also gives an insight into other various business roles that have stemmed from Big Data. It will bring together some of the most prevelant CDO’s from across the globe with the aim to give a varied programme. Our CDO, Chema Alonso, will be taking part and sharing insights from the world of Big Data and Cybersecurity in the telco world.

2. The AI Summit (9th-10th May)

Figure 2: Another event to keep an eye out for is the AI Summit

The AI Summit is the first and largest exhibition of its kind looking to harness the potential of AI. It will look at the future functions that will exist in businesses through the use of AI and will include over one hundred speakers to gain as much input on the subject area as possible. Sponsors include Amazon Alexa, Google Cloud platform and IBM Watson. Chema Alonso will be discussing the launch of Aura, our new app which will leverage Cognitive Intelligence to redefine our relationship with our customers in Telefónica.

3. TM Forum Live (15th-18th May) 

Figure 3: TM Forum will take place in Nice, France.

The TM Forum will give ease of access to high level players in the world of data. The main aim of the event is to help participants understand the digital world, gauge where they are in the process of working effectively within this environment and then finally optimising their data processes. Florence Broderick, our Global Head of Marketing and Communications, will be discussing the New V’s of Big Data and sharing several cutting-edge mobile data use cases from a range of sectors.

4. Big Data for Social Good in Action (18th May) 

This event is closer to home as we are organizing key players from the private and public sector to explore and understand the potential of Big Data to have a social impact. This event aims to create awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and how we can use Big Data and other technologies to reach them. Make sure you register your interest in attending here to hear from experts such as Juan Murillo from BBVA Data and Analytics and David Gonzalez from Vizzuality.

5. CIBITEC (18th-19th May)

Figure 5: CIBITEC 2017

This event will bring together universities, businesses and professionals to detail their communication proposals for 2017. Through this proposal they must include details relating to Big Data, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing. Our Global Head of Marketing and Communication Florence Broderick will be discussing key factors when moving forward with the digitalization of the industry. Another event that we hope you guys are as excited about as we are!

6. CIO Congress (23rd May)

Figure 6: CIO Congress in Bilbao, Spain

This congress aims to highlight the challenges CIOs are facing in this digital revolution. This will hopefully lead to a constructive discourse on how CIOs can lead their businesses innovatively and make the most of the IT services they have at their disposal. Our CEO Elena Gil will be discussing her role in taking LUCA forward and maintaining a inventive approach.


7. Strata Data Conference (22nd-25th May)

Figure 7: Three day conference taking place in London

Strata Data Conference is one of the largest conferences of its kind in the world, with a laser-sharp focus on how data can be used to shape critical decisions across disciplines and industries, from finance and smart cities to retail and government. Both Carme Artigas and Arturo Bayo from Synergic Partners will be present to help for the agenda for efficient big data solutions.

We hope you are now up to date and have been able to schedule in some of these events for the month of May. We at LUCA hope that we can all learn from the variety of content from these upcoming conferences!

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