4 Tips for a Safe Return to the Workplace

ElevenPaths    14 May, 2021
4 Tips for A Safe Return to the Workplace

It has now been a year since many of us left our physical office behind to embrace remote working.

Living rooms and bedrooms became our new offices and meeting rooms, and the work environment had to be combined with the home environment and our routines. But it seems that, little by little, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and the return to the office is getting closer and closer, even if it won’t be like it used to be.

We know that following all the health regulations that have been in place for months is the first step in protecting ourselves as we return to the office, but what about our systems and devices? Do we know how to protect them? Will they remember how to get back to work?

Therefore, from ElevenPaths, in addition to reminding you that we must follow all the established health regulations, we want to help you refresh your memory with these 4 basic tips to keep your security on the network as well.

Turn to Professionals

Do you remember your first day at work after the summer holidays, that moment when your mind is still on the road, but you’re back in the office and it’s time to focus, even if your head doesn’t want to? Well, the same thing happens to your devices when, after a year, they have to reconnect to your office network.

Therefore, turn to professionals. Every company has a specialised technical team that will connect your devices with great care and, above all, knowing how and where to do it. Remember that there are many networks lurking among them. Trusting those who know is a guaranteed way to be secure and save time on your first day back at the office.

Be 100% Sure Before Clicking “Accept”

We are often overwhelmed by our desire and the screens that pop up to take us to the next level are not the most reliable. Remember that, even if you want to start as soon as possible, you should not accept conditions if you do not know what they entail. So, wait, be cautious, ask the experts and act with knowledge.

Whoever Has A Password, Has A Treasure

Yes, we know we repeat it a lot, but it’s true. Passwords are the gateways to your most private information. A treasure chest of information that many cybercriminals seek to take advantage of. That is why, in the office, always remember to avoid post-it notes where you can write them down or paper diaries that can be easily seen by anyone. It is better to use a password manager and validate two-step verification (2FA). 

Catch Up with The Changes

All the information and notifications you have been receiving over the last few months about the return to the office are now a real bible to you. Read them and keep up to date with the changes, especially when it comes to cyber security. Being informed is one of the best ways we have to anticipate possible attacks on our systems and have a completely secure working day.

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